《Brand Story》 since 2016


Peace begins with a smile.


Designer  Noriko Chisaki  / 苣木 紀子



《Our philosophy》

When we connect with nature, we feel a refreshing current of emotions emerging from within.
The blessing of fertile mother nature is always present, sometimes harsh, sometimes gentle, but always bringing out warm feelings in us. We are quietly attracted to this humble blessing.
It is this feeling of comfort and pleasure that we would like to emulate for our customers.
We are committed to making hats that are both enjoyable and comfortable for our customers to wear. We want our hats to be an essential and indispensable part of your everyday life, and for you to cherish yours as you would a good-luck charm, with a bond of affection

In fact, we, at chisaki, consider all our hats to be vehicles for happiness for those who are touched by them. Our vision is indelibly linked to the satisfaction of our customers, which then brings satisfaction to the people who sell our products, and to ourselves as the designers and manufacturers. In Japanese business philosophy “a good sale is beneficial in three ways: to the customer, to the seller and to society". Our goal is to achieve “four-way” satisfaction, adding “consideration for our future” to the other three.
We hope that our hats, today and tomorrow, will bring us together, with new smiles on our faces.


Designer  Noriko Chisaki  

After taking a course by chance in beret-making, Noriko Chisaki became a hatmaker and then worked as a hat designer for 12 years before becoming independent and launching her own brand “chisaki“ in 2016.
Embracing the high standards, care and technical excellence of Japanese craftsmen, she emphasises the quality of Japanese craftsmanship in her creations, while using her talent with materials from all over the world to make the most of their qualities and potential. Noriko also strives to employ materials and techniques that are, despite their beauty, on the verge of being forgotten because of the dwindling number of craftsmen who master them.
Whether it is, for example, through the dyeing of ribbons or fabrics with vegetable dyes (carried out by the Atelier kitta), through the use of recycled glass beads from the Ivory Coast, or through charms ordered from Seiko OBARA, a talented metal artist, she expresses the mastery of her art with great creative freedom, putting the utmost care into the finishing of even the least visible details of her creations.